Saturday, April 12, 2014

The hand writing is on the wall that liberals are on their way out of power. To conservatives, never count your chicks before they hatch. There is a reason why liberals has taken over and dominates news, education, and nearly every institution in America. 

These extremely intelligent super aggressive shallow minded people will not let anything stop them from getting and keeping power. If conservatives think these people are going to lose power without pulling out all of the stops they may be in for a rude awakening. No matter how advantageous the Obamacare nightmare may look it is still not a done deal to defeat the Dems. 

Here is why, approaching half of the voting population has a dependent mentality like a child to his mother in favor of the Dems. In that group are the African Americans we know is going to vote 95 percent in favor of the Dems. And the females to a lesser degree we know are going vote a big majority in favor of the dems. 

Plus, the predominately liberal news media we know is going to focus on and praise every extreme liberal side issue. And on the other hand we know the mass media is going to demonize almost everything the conservative’s tries to advance. There, you see for yourself where the advantages lie. 

Myself, I am an independent, but with conservative leaning. I think listening to the pollsters is the reason the republicans has lost the last three presidential elections. Things like faith and trust may not show up in polls. No one beats the liberals at their own game. 

Everyone knows the Dems are going to hand out goodies and tax and spend to kingdom come. And everyone knows that republicans once were for lower taxes, more jobs, and strong national defense. But, not any more, no one knows what the republicans stand for now, except trying to out pander the Dems… 

I’m sure that is the main reason the republicans lost the last three presidential elections. So, my advice to the Republicans: Obamacare alone can’t be depended on to defeat the Dems, because everything including the kitchen sink is going to be thrown at republicans. 

Forget about trying to out pander the Dems, besides, no one will believe and trust you anyway. Just lock on like a pit bull to only three or four proven winners such as, lower taxes, more jobs, and strong nation defense. 

When elections can’t be won with these three things, it won’t really matter because that means freedom is lost forever in America. Just stay with three or four proven winners, otherwise being all over the map allows the liberal media to rip you to threads. 

I believe there is still a majority of independent minded American voters that will choose someone they truly believe will lower taxes, provide jobs, and keep our country strong over a big government candy-man. 

All the republicans need to do is stand for lower taxes, more jobs, and strong nation defense. And stay the hell away from details because that is a fools game the liberals will try to trap you in to no end. 

But, in order for the republicans to be trusted as a political party ever again it must be trusted without a doubt to stand firmly for at least one or two things come hell or high waters. 

Everybody knows without a doubt that the Dems stands for goodies and freebies, and taxing and spending.  So, forget about trying to out give the Dems because they will gladly give away the store and the country too to stay in power. You are not going to out give um or out spend um, ever.

SIRMANS LOG: 12 APRIL 2014, 2240 HOUR.

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