Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Never mind trying to fix Obamacare or anything else concerning it. My advice to conservatives is get the hell away from the ball. The liberals are behind late in the fourth with little time remaining and punting out of their own inzone. 

To conservatives never mind a fair catch or running it back, just get the hell away from the ball. And don’t try anything fancy just go ahead and run out the clock with things that has been proven to work for conservatives. 

To hell with the pollsters or how boring it becomes, just stay with lower taxes, more jobs, and strong national defense. And for God sake stay away from details until after the election no matter how much the liberal press pisses and moans. 

Otherwise, the liberal press as always will paint conservatives as mean and uncaring, which always highly influences our gullible electorate. That only worked in the past because of pseudo conservative tactics and being all over the map. 

Stay with your proven strong running game, it wins championships.  

PS: My advice, stay away from Obamacare. In my view it stinks, it smells, and is just one big gutter insurance mess. And you know what they say about the gutter, if you crawl down in the gutter for a fight, no one comes out smelling like a rose. Stay the hell away from it; let it rot away on its own. 

Conservatives must anchor down with lower taxes and more jobs without details instead of going all over the map on side issues. That's because for the next two years the liberals are going to keep some kind of racial or extreme side issue going to turnout their main base.

Conservatives can’t lose if they pound over and over like mad men/women, more jobs and lower taxes. That will build base trust instead of selling ones soul for a vote they'll never get. Even many liberals will vote for someone they trust and believe will actually fight tooth and nails for more jobs and lower taxes. 

The real problem with the Republican Party is they don’t trust the American people and the people don’t trust them in return. Why should the people trust the Republicans because in the last presidential election they ran from the words “Lower taxes” like it was the plague? When Republicans no longer fight for lower taxes they don't deserve to win in my view.

Like it or not, pollsters or not, if the Republicans ever expect to win the big one again, the people must believe without a doubt that they will fight tooth and nails for more jobs and lower taxes. The people already know without a doubt that the Dems are going to fight tooth and nails for bigger government and higher taxes. 

If you want to throw caution to the wind and live in the moment, then go ahead and join the Dems, as for me, I will go down trying to do what I can to help save my country from insane spending.

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