Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Okay, ignorance is ignorance no matter how you look at it. And that is what has happen to the USA since the government seized the social and family provider role from the nuclear family unit. There is a world of difference between learned intelligence and wisdom. 

To set up a system of government like we had before the “New deal,” it took men of great wisdom. In fact, almost everyone of that era had good wisdom and strong survival instincts due only to just the struggle of day to day living. 

Today most independent minded people in the USA know we are in trouble and can’t survive with the way our welfare state beast is out of control. But, they don’t have a clue as to the real answer, they just want their freedom and rights back. 

The American people still have the voting power to reset this country back on course but don’t have the wisdom or survival instinct to see what is right in front of their eyes. I’ll lay it out, there are two main things that happen around four generations ago that brought this country to the condition it’s in today. 

Sure, during the great depression the very poor and handicapped needed government help. But, government should never have become a social and family provider handing out free money on an individual basis.  

(1.) Once that mistake was made the system destruction die was cast. And until that deadly mistake is corrected and the nuclear family unit is restored to power the USA cannot and will not survive. That was the birth of our welfare state which has practically destroyed our economy, our culture, and our moral and spiritual values. 

Men are marring men and women are marring women, all while mass murder is taking place within the womb. And 90 percent of the USA population accepts this as normal, what am I missing here, is it too late for the USA. 

(2.) In 1938 the last of the “New deal” programs was put in place, the evil socialist “Minimum wage law.” That act was a dagger in the heart of a true free market place economy; it awakened the sleeping monster called inflation. Otherwise, a true free floating free market place with no controls is like a liquid, it will always find its own level. 

But, not any more, inflation and the U.S. economy is now like a car with no reverse or a hot water heater with no pop off valve, that is what the minimum wage law has done to this once great USA economy. So, I will advise anyone thinking about saving the USA, until these two boogie men is caged and sent packing that is an impossible task. 

You can go to a flat tax or enact any law; our welfare state beast will laugh at you, smile, and then go spend another trillion in debt. But, repealing the minimum wage law to this beast is like the iron cross or the silver bullet riding in on a white horse as destiny to save the greatest nation to ever exist. 

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