Thursday, February 27, 2014

Folks, I’m a self-made writer and sometimes I wonder why I keep writing. I do comment on something’s I have no business butting in on. But, thank God I can still comment without disappearing in the middle of the night, at least for the time being.

A proposed alternative heath care plan by the republicans: Stupid, stupid, stupid, here we go again. Just like I think Romney had his election won, all he had to do was lock down on two or three things. Things that republicans never lose on, but no, he just like McCain and Dole tried to out pander the liberals and Dem’s. 

All he had to do was stay on “Lower taxes, more jobs, and strong national defense,” instead of being all over the place pandering and appealing to those that will never vote for a republican in a million years. If he had stayed with the said three things he would have gotten the three million republican votes that stayed at home. 

Now, I hear about some supposedly conservative plan to present an alternative health care plan to Obamacare. Dumb, dumb, dumb, how dumb can one get. That would be a toss up to a gleeful socialist press and they would hit it out of the park. 

They would focus on it like a laser and drumbeat on how bad it is. All you would hear from them is this is what you can expect from them mean old republicans. What is going to win the 2014 election is future expectations and right now anything is better than more Obamacare. 

So, the dumbest thing conservative can do is present a target, good or bad. Never forget, the mass media is socialist and not free and objective anymore. All they need is a real target then one way or another they will make it bad. And that will be the only future expectation as far as the media is concerned. My advice to conservatives, if you have a plan shut the hell up about it until you have the power to install it, in this hostile climate.  


Starting with the “New deal” the liberals seize control of this great country and it’s been down hill for them ever since. How they did it, they took the tax payers money and bought vote by handing out goodies, and is still doing it. 

It allowed them to gain and keep power, sure, the republicans slip in occasionally but liberals control this great country. Look at our food supply, there are too few people raising and growing food in the USA. That comes from having a evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law. 

That is wage control and any wage control won’t let wages seek its own level in our free market place economy. Having a minimum wage law guarantees that the USA economy can’t be saved no matter what is done. You can enact any law, make any tax change, still, nothing can save the USA economy as long as we have a minimum wage law in place. 

The reason is a free market must have some means of balancing itself and a minimum wage law prevents that. The reason the prices of everything you buy is so high is because government subsides prices by giving out tax payer’s money on an individual basis. 

That-a-work until the whole thing spiral out of control which won’t be very long, now. A minimum wage law is like closing off the pop off valve on your hot water heater, then if it over heats, there is no way to bleed off all of the pressure in an emergency. 

That means it’s gonna blow and almost nothing will be saved. That is the condition of the USA economy, it is fixing to blow us all the way back to the Stone Age. And the sad part is it is all due to ignorance and stupidity. 

Repealing the minimum wage law would bleed off the pressure and the USA would survive with only a miserable rebirth taking place, instead of ceasing to exist. Cry me a river, and the beat goes on. 


Monday, February 24, 2014

Well it’s done, there is no doubt left, the shallow minded liberals has placed the comfort of the welfare state above national security. The choice is no surprise to me. We will soon be like Western Europe, which lacks the military ability to even transport troops to the battle field. 

If these liberals keep power, given enough time the USA will be taken over without a bullet being fired. To me it is simple, once the “New deal” programs seized the social and family provider role for itself from the traditional nuclear family head of household the die was cast. 

Now, around eighty years later we are fast running out of enough people with the judgment and common sense to remain a free people. We must repeal the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law to kick the welfare state out of its all powerful family provider role. 

It is our last hope; otherwise we will soon be at each others throat to the point that the people will be demanding the iron fist. Like all great nations we are allowing ourselves to be destroyed from within. 

The reason you can’t survive on the minimum wage is because you have a forced minimum wage in the first place. If you didn’t have a forced minimum wage law, out of sight consumer inflation couldn’t exist and $5.00 would buy a weeks worth of grocery. Plus, there would be enough jobs for all. 

The shallow minded liberals has certainly screwed up this great nation. And if you disagree, guess who held on to the U.S. house of Representative for 40 consecutive years. Also, guess who controls the mass media, education, and almost every institution in America today? 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Anyone that calls for raising the minimum wage doesn’t understand a free market place economy, period. The fact is if the USA is to survive, instead of raising the minimum wage it must be repealed entirely. Vamoose, gone, no more government wage or price control, period. 

Large or small any business in America has the freedom to raise wages as high as it see fit. But, the minute the government forces any business to raise or lower wages or prices in any manner we no longer has a free market place economy, period. In my view it is sheer ignorance, you either have a free market place economy or you don’t. 

Throughout history a true free market place economy has never failed, its boom and bust cycle is a natural process the same as the birth and death cycle. A healthy functioning society is far more than money and how much one makes. In fact, in terms of long term survival trade and bartering is far more important than a currency. 

The American Indian and many other societies survived in large numbers and never had a set currency.  But, no society has ever survived very long without a strong nuclear and extended family system. Those with money and power hates the boom and bust cycle because they may end up losing everything. 

However, nature must have some way of getting rid of inefficiency, moral decay, and culture rot. Sometimes only the bust cycle can purge out too powerful anti-survival forces like the USA has today.

Just look at the condition of the USA, no law or anything is powerful enough to deal with our problems except nature’s boom and bust cycle. The world has been rescued from many dynasties only by nature’s birth and death cycle. 

I keep yelling and hollering that we must get government out of its seized social and family provider role because that has all but destroyed our nuclear and extended family system. And repealing the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law will allow our nuclear and extended family system to rebound and allow the people to take care of themselves. 

A long over due bust cycle is approaching on the horizon and without a strong nuclear family system we can’t survive it. I am blessed with this great wisdom and I see it so clearly, that is why I plead so hard that we must get prepared. 

We must repeal the minimum wage law, that will restore our strong nuclear and extended family system, our culture, and at least some bartering capacity to survive. Otherwise, we won’t have any chance except back to the Stone Age when this teetering economy totally collapses, soon.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Extreme political polling is the worse thing that can happen to a free country. It defeats the reason to have a republic. None of the founding fathers wanted a pure democracy because they all knew in reality it is mob rule with the most flamboyant and smoothest talkers chosen as leaders. 

That is the reason they all insisted on a republic form of government. However, that was long before extreme political polling came along. These were men of great depth and wisdom they knew that the general public is almost never right on anything. 

As a rule the general public is uninformed, emotional, and lacks patience, which is a terrible way to govern a nation. So, they all thought by establishing a republic form of government the fear of a mob ruled nation was put to rest forever. Now, lets fast forward to the year of our Lord two thousand fourteenth year, we are almost totally mob ruled all because of extreme political polling. 

In a republic the people are suppose to choose leaders that will lead and educate the general public on what is in the best interest of the nation and its long term survival. But today it is just the opposite; we have politicians using extreme political polling to pander to the whims and special interest of the general public. 

Even worse, we no longer have a free press standing guard, they are cheer leaders at the socialist parade. A statesman is someone that can only be found in the history books. The thing that the founding fathers feared the most has come to pass, our leadership is chosen from the most flamboyant, smoothest talkers, and those with the best gift of gab and ability to pander to the voters. 

Sorry Benjamin Franklin, Sir, we have lost the great Republic you and the founding fathers left for us to keep and safe guard. What we have now is a mob ruled welfare state out of control. To be enlighten read Freddie L Sirmans Sr. books, it is all there. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Listen up America; we are on the brink of losing our great USA. So, I felt the need to write this article on what I feel must be done to help save this great nation. Folks, I am a writer and not even a famous or well known one at that. I have no power or influence to speak of. 

I am just a lone handicapped neurotic self-made two finger pecking writer. Some even feel I’m off my rocker, too extreme, and should be totally ignored. Maybe so, but the proof of the pudding is in the taste, be your own taster. 

Anyone familiar with my writing knows that 
I have long advocated the repeal of the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law. And I also think government should abandon its role as a mass social and family provider. I am sure those are the two main things that have brought the USA economy to the brink of total destruction. And by the same token those two things have bred the USA into a government dependent nation. 

I know it’s futile to expect my ideas to be taken seriously; still I feel I have done my part just by sharing. I believe the mass infusion of government money on an “Individual basis” is what’s destroying the USA economy. Doing that destroys the natural balance between the merchant (seller) and the consumer (buyer), thereby causing cost of living inflation. 

The reason the middle class is not spending is they don’t have the money because of cost of living killing inflation. With that being the case to me the solution is obvious, get the “Individual basis” out of the formula. 

There are many ways to do that, in the past I have suggested government set up its own government run commissaries, housing, and clinics. And require the use of tokens or script for all who qualifies. However, I no longer advocate using that system because of start up and other costs. 

What I now recommend is government setup a contract type system to separate government “Individual Basis” spending from the national free market place economy. This new recommended system is ready to go and can be put in into place immediately, everything is practically already in place. The use of food stamps is well established. 

Remember the key to eliminating the “Individual basis” from the national free market place economy is separation. So, all government has to do is contract with retailers for set aside stores for food stamp use only. 

That will stop the upward cost of living spiral in its tracts, then the buying power of ones paycheck will buy much, much more and the middle class will be able to save again. 

Also, these government stores must accept only EBT or some other type of government card or it will defeat the purpose. Once the government stores are up and operating then EBT and other government cards can only be used in those stores.

This separate retail system could be tested in one state, e.g. Michigan. And if successful, then extend to housing and clinics, and if still successful then go nation wide. Without a doubt this system will boom the USA economy and put people back to work on a large scale, plus save our dying economy. 

However, don’t hold your breath, politics is in everything, and what I believe will save the economy and this great country may never see the light of day.

 However, the cold hard fact is either the USA takes this plan serious and change course, or I will guarantee you the USA will soon be sold off piece meal to foreigners. Being $17,000,000,000,000,000,000 in debt makes the USA a beggar, and you know the old saying: Beggars can’t be choosey. There is no doubt about it the country will soon be sold off.


Here is my Freddie L Sirmans, Sr. analysis on the state of the USA survival. I will say up front the USA can be saved as a free nation with private property rights and individual freedom still intact. But, I don’t believe the USA has a snowball chance in hell of surviving another five years as a free sovereign nation with the course we are currently on. 

I believe because of our debt ($17,000,000,000,000,000,000) and reckless spending the USA will be sold off piece meal to foreign nations. Our government at all cost will try to hold on to its social and family provider role. If not that we will lose our individual freedom and private property right and come under some type of authoritarian rule. 

This liberal induced welfare state has run it course, it’s over, something gotta give. Reality have set in and will not be denied. Let me say again the USA can be saved. We have two major political parties, However, I am an independent with conservative leaning. The USA is the only home I know and my whole focus is the survival of my beloved country. 

I have voted Democrat many times, I even voted for Jimmy Carter and George McGovern. In my analysis I will stay with the terms liberals or conservatives. So brace yourself and hang on. I feel the liberal mindset has all but destroyed this great land of the free and home of the braved that the founding fathers laid out. 

Of course the liberals will totally disagree with me on this, they believe they have greatly helped the poor and made life easier for everyone. And, I will not for one second disagree, who could disagree with that, because it is true. But, that is the trap and where my great depth and wisdom comes into play. 

I have said it before and will say it again. The only way government can help the very poor and needy without destroying our culture, our economy, and eventually our country is to establishing government run commissaries, houses, and clinics with the use of coupons or scripts for all who qualify. 

Government spending on an individual basis must always be kept separated from the national economy or inflation will eventually spiral out of control. It is on the individual basis that government money destroys the natural balance between the merchant (seller) and the customer (buyer). 

That is what ignites and causes inflation in a free market place. And is the reason the cost of living (prices) far out distances the earnings from the workers labor. 

Government can spend all it wants and it won't drive up the cost of living as long as it is not handed out on an individual basis. That is why the use of coupons or script is a must to keep government individual spending separated from the real economy. And things like food stamps or whatever is used must never be spent with the free market place merchants. because that is what is driving the cost of everything for the working man/woman out of reach now.

Back to the truth about liberals helping the poor. Sure they help the poor, but, my God, at what a price. Their method is leaving almost no survival tools in place after four generations. We have almost no strong nuclear and extended family system left. We have almost no sense of morality left. 

Plus, we have almost no small farmers and home gardeners left to provide emergency bartering capacity if money become worthless, which is highly likely. Morality today means same sex marriages and killing in the womb on demand, if that don’t mean suicide to long term survival I’ll be a monkeys uncle.

It is like selling your sole for riches and pleasure. Destroying the system itself should always be avoided, but that is exactly what the liberal’s mindset has done. They took the course of least resistance and have destroyed a system that has served mankind for over 6000 year. 

All of our eggs are in one basket, this phony economy could collapse any day now and there are no survival tools to keep the USA from regressing all the way back to the Stone Age. The two deadly and unforgivable sins the liberals committed are number one they seized the social and family provider role for the government itself. 

That act took away the survival need for the strong nuclear and extended family system. According to nature’s supreme law of natural selection everything that exists must have a survival need or it starts ceasing to exist. The second deadly sin was to enact and put in place a evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law. 

That act gave the government total power and control over private property rights, all production, and the distribution of products. In fact the welfare state couldn’t exist without the minimum wage law. It would have no way of corrupting the free market place by inflating the money supply enough to continue reckless spending. 

Ninety nine percent of the general public sees the minimum wage law only in terms of the size of their pay check, but that is a facade that disguises the absolute power it gives the government over free enterprise. So, as for who can save this great country, in terms of liberals saving it, ridicules, first the country must be saved from the liberals. 

Now, as to the role of the conservatives, bless their hearts they means well. But, they don’t even come close to being willing by hook or crook to match liberals for getting power. Plus, conservative think they can cut spending and still save our welfare state, trust me that ain’t gonna happen. 

It’s far too much water over the bridge in my view for this welfare state to ever be saved. Besides, politically speaking all spending cuts is going to do is guarantee liberals stay in power. My suggestion for conservatives is go with the flow until you get in power and then repeal the minimum wage law. 

But, do like the liberals never tell your true intentions just get in there and repeal it. The problem with my suggestion is: The conservatives totally disagrees with me, they have been seduced and think they need to save this welfare state and if anything raise the minimum wage, not repeal it. Government must be returned to its role before the "New deal," repealing the minimum wage law will do that.

So, like I have said before only a miracle can save the USA from total doom. However, I do believe in miracles.     

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There is an old saying, those that lives on hope dies fasting. The great republic that Benjamin Franklin and others founding fathers left us no longer exist due to insane liberal policy. The most stupid and insane of all is not having an official national language. 

That is kindergarten wisdom type of thinking, it is sheer ignorance, down the road there is no way in hell we can keep this great nation as one being bi-language. With all of our different races, religions, and other factors, only one unifying language can keep the USA intact.  

Yet, where there is no real national violent or disunity problem we freely toss lasting unity out the window by installing another language, all because new deal liberal policy has corrupted our culture. 

Before the “New deal” the people would have been up in arms over something so dumb and stupid, down the road even an idiot knows only one national language will keep the USA from splitting apart. When the British made English the official national language of India even the Indians themselves said it was a good thing. 

Yet, here we are in the USA voluntary doing something dumb and stupid like this that is guaranteed to cause mass violence and disruption down the road, unbelievable. It’s over folks; we have already lost this great country due to liberal policy.

Today, we are not only reaping the economically seed sown by the liberal new deal programs, we are also reaping the almost total destruction of our culture. And the saddest of all is how so many young minds of the very young are being twisted with anti-survival hogwash on TV. 

It is so much harder for young minds to know the different from what is real and normal than it is for adults; the very young see hogwash as the way life is and should be. In my opinion we have lost this great nation, the great USA. 

Can we take it back; sure, it’s simple, just repeal the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law and stop government from giving out money on an individual basis. I have been saying that for years, but political no one wants to hear that. 

Believe it or not, but it is just that simple; otherwise soon the country will be sold off to foreigners because of $17,000,000,000,000,000,000 in debt. how sad.

I have been called extreme and the odd man out. But, the gospel truth of the matter is I am really the wise and sane one in terms of raw long term survival. The moral decay and culture rot that the USA has today has been the last stage throughout history before a civilization experiences total doom. 

I believe if you spare the rod you spoil the child. Some people think that is being mean and uncaring to a child. I think it is just the opposite because when done properly paddling instills the strongest conscience in a child. But, the truth of the matter is there is no single best way to raise a child. 

I believe physical disciplined instills a stronger conscience and a better sense of self-restraint in a child. I believe a lack of self-restraint is why African American men commit crimes far out of proportion for their number. "
A stitch in time will save nine," or a lick on the behind in time will keep a kid out of prison way past age nine plus nine.

After the “New deal” the welfare state kicked the poor Black man out of the home. I think that act have caused most black youths to grow up with very little self-restraint, and with each succeeding generation the problem has grown worse. 

Sure, some single Black moms can take care of business on that behind, but most can’t or won’t.    


I don’t care how many books one reads or how much education one has; genuine deep wisdom comes only through physical or emotional hardship and struggle. Still, hardship and struggle won’t make everyone a Sage or saint, some people just naturally goes against the grain and will become even bitterer. 

It is just not possible for most people to understand my thinking; they haven’t paid the price that is why I can only thank God for the way he made me. It may not show but super achievers are almost always searching for love, approval, or to be accepted in some way. 

Those feeling loved and contented tend to stay on course as just ordinary achievers. Please don’t get it twisted; I still think ones first priority in life is to get the best education possibly. 


I remember as a young teenager back in the late 1950’s learning about propaganda and how the communist kept their citizens ignorant from true facts. I felt how blessed we were in America to have a free press that could always be trusted with: just the facts ma’am, just the facts. 

Well, I can only speak for myself and think for myself, But, in my view the liberals and Dem’s are far better propagandist than the communist ever were. They just flat out refuse to stand up and face any blame for this nation destroying insane Obamacare disaster that have been forced upon this great nation, we may not even financially survive it. 

Yet, they are fixing to try and place blame for it anywhere other than themselves, we are a forgiving people, man up for once.  Thank God we have a counterforce against the liberals and Dem’s thrust. Otherwise, this administration with its bratty liberal news media cohorts riding shotgun would have taken the country into full socialism by now. 

I think the predominately liberal news media is like a bunch of teenage brats that think they have all of the answers to everything. But, in truth can’t see past their noses. This country is $17, 000,000,000,000,000,000 in debt and will soon be sold off piece meal to foreigners. And where do you think our first line of defense is at? 

They are at the socialist parade whooping and hollowing it up as cheer leaders while the financial health of the country goes to hell in a hand basket. My advice which I don’t expect to be taken is to anyone that the liberals and Dem’s sic their liberal news media attack dogs on, stand your ground proud because you are doing the job they are suppose to be doing.  

That is standing guard and protecting this great land of individual freedom from socialism or any other ism.