Saturday, April 19, 2014

I get so sick and tired of sheer economic ignorant people thinking raising the minimum wage is going to help this economy. In fact the only thing that is going to save this economy from total doom is out right repealing and getting rid of the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage or any wage control entirely.  

Since 1938 the minimum wage law has allowed the liberals to get control of the USA economy which is a little over four generations. Like I have said many times you can get almost any cock-eyed economic system to work for four or five generations, then its sun set time. 

Sure, the intention was to do good, but, economic-wise installing a minimum wage or any kind of wage or price control on a free market place economy is dumb, stupid, and destructive, period. It is a dagger right into the heart of a free market place economy and it ignites inflation, then after four generation it is impossible to keep inflation from spinning out of control. 

I’m going to say it even if the egg heads and Keynesian economist never will. Raising the minimum wage just may be the straw that breaks the camels back and sends what’s left of the wobbly-kneed USA economy over the cliff. 

I’m just sick and tired of people who should know better keeping the people economically ignorant just to go along to get along. We need leaders calling a spade a spade. And I’m telling you the only way to improve the lives of the people and save the USA economy is to set the free market place free, not cripple and weigh it down even more with a higher wage control. 

I’m just tired of the economic ignorance of it all to see my beloved homeland go down the tube with liberal policy. And to this day they are still lying and fooling the people with pie in the sky for all. Don’t get it twisted, I love liberals, they bring happiness and make the world a far better place, who else will make sure Bambi is always safe and protected. 

It’s just that liberals should never have total power because most lack depth and live in the moment in my view. However, there is nothing innate about being a liberal, many has been converted to a conservative over night when a mugger slammer one upside the head or burglarized one's home. 

Being a liberal is mostly a lack of survival awareness more than anything else. Discipline is what makes one more aware of what’s a threat to survival and it instills in one what is call a survival instinct. And one with a strong survival instinct automatically knows and feels what is a threat to survival including the unborn, too. 

That is why those with strong survival instinct just knows and feels without being told that certain things are a threat to survival. However, since the government kicked the poor black man out of the home and failed to instill discipline itself most young black males lack self-restraint and has very weak survival instincts. This government act has all but totally destroyed the black community and is fast engulfing the entire nation. 

In no way am I putting down most young black males, in fact under the circumstance most are overcoming great odd and turning out well and successful. And in the big liberal controlled inner cities that’s totally gang infested the odd are stacked overwhelmingly against most young black males, yet many still escape to Morehouse and other great institutions. 

Many black women complain about black men in general, and my answer is always the same as a question. Who do you think shaped and molded the values of most black men today? You know the answer to that.

Excuse me folks, I just got carried away; I just had to vent; now I feel better. Still, the minimum wage law must be repealed and gotten rid of entirely, now, tomorrow may be too late. 


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