Friday, April 25, 2014

The reason why 95 percent of the USA population can’t understand the destruction of our minimum wage law is due to a lack of perspective. The thing about economics is you can never understand it looking at it piece meal. 

It must be viewed in the whole which includes culture, morals, spiritual, trade, and the use of a currency. Who wouldn’t like to make more money, I certainly would (I heard that!). But, in economic terms just by the stroke of a pen forcing any wage control or a raise in wage control on a free market place economy means its total destruction. 

No, its not instant death, but the die has been cask and about four generations into the future sun set will be almost impossible to avoid. Now, our time is up. we have had our four generations and our inner fabric have been ripped to threads. 

The cancer has for all practically purpose destroyed our culture, our morals, our spiritual values, and any emergency bartering capacity to survive on. In fact we are left with just a shell with all of our inner fabric eaten away or destroyed. 

And, the really, really sad part is 95 percent of the USA population has become too dependent minded and shallow to realize it. Lord have mercy. And even worse the last and only thing that could give the USA a fighting chance of survival is totally ignored, sad, sad, sad. 

Abolishing the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law entirely is our last and only chance of surviving as a free nation; yet, economically ignorant people are going to raise the minimum wage control lever even higher which will speed up even the little time we have left. 

I’m at my wits end, more and more it looks like the Mayans may not have been too far off the mark after all. Mans actions always determines his future. However, it’s never too late to do the wise thing.

There is a reason why I chose repealing and getting rid of the minimum wage law entirely as top priority to save the USA from total doom. You see, the USA is now a swamp totally infested with all kinds of negative anti-survival swamp things.  

It’s just too much in here, so, the best and wisest thing is to just drain the entire USA swamp. Out of hundreds of negative anti-survival forces that can take down this great nation I’m going to name three or four. 

These forces are a threat to long term survival because we may no longer be able to produce a big enough future generation to carry on. 

Example: We already have mass use of birth control pills, mass use of abortions on demand, and thanks to the courts we now have mass use of men marring men and women marring women. What else is new? 

Now, you are going to convince me that there is no long term threat to this great nation, #@&%*#$@, I love you too. That was only a sample of what growing more powerful everyday in this swamp. 

Repealing the minimum wage law in one sweep nationwide will in a harmless controlled manner drain this swamp. This will kill two birds with one stone, by starving the welfare beast out of power and setting the free market place free at last to save us all. 

And as a bonus the provider power will revert back to the nuclear family and the people where it has always been until the "New deal" seized it.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Never mind trying to fix Obamacare or anything else concerning it. My advice to conservatives is get the hell away from the ball. The liberals are behind late in the fourth with little time remaining and punting out of their own inzone. 

To conservatives never mind a fair catch or running it back, just get the hell away from the ball. And don’t try anything fancy just go ahead and run out the clock with things that has been proven to work for conservatives. 

To hell with the pollsters or how boring it becomes, just stay with lower taxes, more jobs, and strong national defense. And for God sake stay away from details until after the election no matter how much the liberal press pisses and moans. 

Otherwise, the liberal press as always will paint conservatives as mean and uncaring, which always highly influences our gullible electorate. That only worked in the past because of pseudo conservative tactics and being all over the map. 

Stay with your proven strong running game, it wins championships.  

PS: My advice, stay away from Obamacare. In my view it stinks, it smells, and is just one big gutter insurance mess. And you know what they say about the gutter, if you crawl down in the gutter for a fight, no one comes out smelling like a rose. Stay the hell away from it; let it rot away on its own. 

Conservatives must anchor down with lower taxes and more jobs without details instead of going all over the map on side issues. That's because for the next two years the liberals are going to keep some kind of racial or extreme side issue going to turnout their main base.

Conservatives can’t lose if they pound over and over like mad men/women, more jobs and lower taxes. That will build base trust instead of selling ones soul for a vote they'll never get. Even many liberals will vote for someone they trust and believe will actually fight tooth and nails for more jobs and lower taxes. 

The real problem with the Republican Party is they don’t trust the American people and the people don’t trust them in return. Why should the people trust the Republicans because in the last presidential election they ran from the words “Lower taxes” like it was the plague? When Republicans no longer fight for lower taxes they don't deserve to win in my view.

Like it or not, pollsters or not, if the Republicans ever expect to win the big one again, the people must believe without a doubt that they will fight tooth and nails for more jobs and lower taxes. The people already know without a doubt that the Dems are going to fight tooth and nails for bigger government and higher taxes. 

If you want to throw caution to the wind and live in the moment, then go ahead and join the Dems, as for me, I will go down trying to do what I can to help save my country from insane spending.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

I get so sick and tired of sheer economic ignorant people thinking raising the minimum wage is going to help this economy. In fact the only thing that is going to save this economy from total doom is out right repealing and getting rid of the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage or any wage control entirely.  

Since 1938 the minimum wage law has allowed the liberals to get control of the USA economy which is a little over four generations. Like I have said many times you can get almost any cock-eyed economic system to work for four or five generations, then its sun set time. 

Sure, the intention was to do good, but, economic-wise installing a minimum wage or any kind of wage or price control on a free market place economy is dumb, stupid, and destructive, period. It is a dagger right into the heart of a free market place economy and it ignites inflation, then after four generation it is impossible to keep inflation from spinning out of control. 

I’m going to say it even if the egg heads and Keynesian economist never will. Raising the minimum wage just may be the straw that breaks the camels back and sends what’s left of the wobbly-kneed USA economy over the cliff. 

I’m just sick and tired of people who should know better keeping the people economically ignorant just to go along to get along. We need leaders calling a spade a spade. And I’m telling you the only way to improve the lives of the people and save the USA economy is to set the free market place free, not cripple and weigh it down even more with a higher wage control. 

I’m just tired of the economic ignorance of it all to see my beloved homeland go down the tube with liberal policy. And to this day they are still lying and fooling the people with pie in the sky for all. Don’t get it twisted, I love liberals, they bring happiness and make the world a far better place, who else will make sure Bambi is always safe and protected. 

It’s just that liberals should never have total power because most lack depth and live in the moment in my view. However, there is nothing innate about being a liberal, many has been converted to a conservative over night when a mugger slammer one upside the head or burglarized one's home. 

Being a liberal is mostly a lack of survival awareness more than anything else. Discipline is what makes one more aware of what’s a threat to survival and it instills in one what is call a survival instinct. And one with a strong survival instinct automatically knows and feels what is a threat to survival including the unborn, too. 

That is why those with strong survival instinct just knows and feels without being told that certain things are a threat to survival. However, since the government kicked the poor black man out of the home and failed to instill discipline itself most young black males lack self-restraint and has very weak survival instincts. This government act has all but totally destroyed the black community and is fast engulfing the entire nation. 

In no way am I putting down most young black males, in fact under the circumstance most are overcoming great odd and turning out well and successful. And in the big liberal controlled inner cities that’s totally gang infested the odd are stacked overwhelmingly against most young black males, yet many still escape to Morehouse and other great institutions. 

Many black women complain about black men in general, and my answer is always the same as a question. Who do you think shaped and molded the values of most black men today? You know the answer to that.

Excuse me folks, I just got carried away; I just had to vent; now I feel better. Still, the minimum wage law must be repealed and gotten rid of entirely, now, tomorrow may be too late. 


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes? A wise man knows there are times when you should cut your losses and move on. The USA is the only home I know and I feel duty bound to do what I can for the survival of my homeland. 

I know the repeal of the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law is the only thing that can save my country. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. It’s the same when I plead and I plead, please repeal and get rid of the minimum wage law entirely. 

I’m at my wits end; you can’t make a man see something right before his eyes until he wakes up. There has been countless cases where people have suffered bad accidents or other dreadful things, yet, said they were glad it happened. 

They said things right before their eyes they could never see before they can now see very clearly. You can call me a nut, kook, or whatever you like, but I can see clearly things right before our eyes most people will never be able to see. 

That is because I have paid a severe mental price through a life long mental battle and struggle. Yet, I have no monopoly on pain, struggle, or suffering, I’m just thankful to have my life health and strength, Hallelujah.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Okay, ignorance is ignorance no matter how you look at it. And that is what has happen to the USA since the government seized the social and family provider role from the nuclear family unit. There is a world of difference between learned intelligence and wisdom. 

To set up a system of government like we had before the “New deal,” it took men of great wisdom. In fact, almost everyone of that era had good wisdom and strong survival instincts due only to just the struggle of day to day living. 

Today most independent minded people in the USA know we are in trouble and can’t survive with the way our welfare state beast is out of control. But, they don’t have a clue as to the real answer, they just want their freedom and rights back. 

The American people still have the voting power to reset this country back on course but don’t have the wisdom or survival instinct to see what is right in front of their eyes. I’ll lay it out, there are two main things that happen around four generations ago that brought this country to the condition it’s in today. 

Sure, during the great depression the very poor and handicapped needed government help. But, government should never have become a social and family provider handing out free money on an individual basis.  

(1.) Once that mistake was made the system destruction die was cast. And until that deadly mistake is corrected and the nuclear family unit is restored to power the USA cannot and will not survive. That was the birth of our welfare state which has practically destroyed our economy, our culture, and our moral and spiritual values. 

Men are marring men and women are marring women, all while mass murder is taking place within the womb. And 90 percent of the USA population accepts this as normal, what am I missing here, is it too late for the USA. 

(2.) In 1938 the last of the “New deal” programs was put in place, the evil socialist “Minimum wage law.” That act was a dagger in the heart of a true free market place economy; it awakened the sleeping monster called inflation. Otherwise, a true free floating free market place with no controls is like a liquid, it will always find its own level. 

But, not any more, inflation and the U.S. economy is now like a car with no reverse or a hot water heater with no pop off valve, that is what the minimum wage law has done to this once great USA economy. So, I will advise anyone thinking about saving the USA, until these two boogie men is caged and sent packing that is an impossible task. 

You can go to a flat tax or enact any law; our welfare state beast will laugh at you, smile, and then go spend another trillion in debt. But, repealing the minimum wage law to this beast is like the iron cross or the silver bullet riding in on a white horse as destiny to save the greatest nation to ever exist. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The hand writing is on the wall that liberals are on their way out of power. To conservatives, never count your chicks before they hatch. There is a reason why liberals has taken over and dominates news, education, and nearly every institution in America. 

These extremely intelligent super aggressive shallow minded people will not let anything stop them from getting and keeping power. If conservatives think these people are going to lose power without pulling out all of the stops they may be in for a rude awakening. No matter how advantageous the Obamacare nightmare may look it is still not a done deal to defeat the Dems. 

Here is why, approaching half of the voting population has a dependent mentality like a child to his mother in favor of the Dems. In that group are the African Americans we know is going to vote 95 percent in favor of the Dems. And the females to a lesser degree we know are going vote a big majority in favor of the dems. 

Plus, the predominately liberal news media we know is going to focus on and praise every extreme liberal side issue. And on the other hand we know the mass media is going to demonize almost everything the conservative’s tries to advance. There, you see for yourself where the advantages lie. 

Myself, I am an independent, but with conservative leaning. I think listening to the pollsters is the reason the republicans has lost the last three presidential elections. Things like faith and trust may not show up in polls. No one beats the liberals at their own game. 

Everyone knows the Dems are going to hand out goodies and tax and spend to kingdom come. And everyone knows that republicans once were for lower taxes, more jobs, and strong national defense. But, not any more, no one knows what the republicans stand for now, except trying to out pander the Dems… 

I’m sure that is the main reason the republicans lost the last three presidential elections. So, my advice to the Republicans: Obamacare alone can’t be depended on to defeat the Dems, because everything including the kitchen sink is going to be thrown at republicans. 

Forget about trying to out pander the Dems, besides, no one will believe and trust you anyway. Just lock on like a pit bull to only three or four proven winners such as, lower taxes, more jobs, and strong nation defense. 

When elections can’t be won with these three things, it won’t really matter because that means freedom is lost forever in America. Just stay with three or four proven winners, otherwise being all over the map allows the liberal media to rip you to threads. 

I believe there is still a majority of independent minded American voters that will choose someone they truly believe will lower taxes, provide jobs, and keep our country strong over a big government candy-man. 

All the republicans need to do is stand for lower taxes, more jobs, and strong nation defense. And stay the hell away from details because that is a fools game the liberals will try to trap you in to no end. 

But, in order for the republicans to be trusted as a political party ever again it must be trusted without a doubt to stand firmly for at least one or two things come hell or high waters. 

Everybody knows without a doubt that the Dems stands for goodies and freebies, and taxing and spending.  So, forget about trying to out give the Dems because they will gladly give away the store and the country too to stay in power. You are not going to out give um or out spend um, ever.

SIRMANS LOG: 12 APRIL 2014, 2240 HOUR.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

People that don’t understand economics or how the free market place actually work automatically think getting rid of the minimum wage is dumb and stupid and will increase our hardship, wrong. 

In fact it is just the opposite in reality.  Sure, given time one won’t make as much money, but, it will bring earnings and the cost of living back in balance. And $5.00 will buy a weeks worth of grocery. 

I must have said it a thousand times. Unless the government is voted out or kicked out of its social and family provider role somehow there is just no way the USA can survive very much longer. 

I hear people on the air talking all the time about every way one can imaging on what will save America. Again, I repeat a thousand and one times, it is impossible to save the USA as long as government is a social and family provider. 

Government as a social and family provider is like incest, it is a system that feeds on itself. Sure, almost any economic system can last four or five generations then its lights out. What happens then is it can’t get around a law of nature. 

Sooner or later everything that exists must go through a life or death, or boom or bust cycle. The evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law won’t let the economy carry out a natural boom and bust cycle. Therefore the negative anti-survival forces have grown too powerful in the USA. 

Now the USA is in a position where moral decay and culture rot is going to take us out if a collapsing economy doesn’t get to us first. The way I see it to save the USA it will take a two step process. 

The main focus is the government must abandon or be voter out of its social and family provider role or all is lost. But, that ain’t gonna happen. So, by repealing the minimum wage law that should kill two birds with one stone, kick the government out of the family provider role and save the country too. 

The power must be restored back to the people. It belongs back to the strong nuclear and extended family unit where it has always been for over 6,000 years until the “New Deal” came along. Repealing the minimum wage law will bring about a controlled orderly rebirth that will save our nation. 

Otherwise, its no longer a matter of our welfare state collapsing, it is a matter of how many months, or even day we have left. I know I stand almost alone on knowing only repealing the minimum wage law can save us. 

I beg and I plead to my fellow man/woman to demand we repeal the minimum wage law. If you disagree with me on repealing this law, God bless you, almost everyone else does, too. Still, someway some how it will be repealed, it must.