Sunday, February 16, 2014

Extreme political polling is the worse thing that can happen to a free country. It defeats the reason to have a republic. None of the founding fathers wanted a pure democracy because they all knew in reality it is mob rule with the most flamboyant and smoothest talkers chosen as leaders. 

That is the reason they all insisted on a republic form of government. However, that was long before extreme political polling came along. These were men of great depth and wisdom they knew that the general public is almost never right on anything. 

As a rule the general public is uninformed, emotional, and lacks patience, which is a terrible way to govern a nation. So, they all thought by establishing a republic form of government the fear of a mob ruled nation was put to rest forever. Now, lets fast forward to the year of our Lord two thousand fourteenth year, we are almost totally mob ruled all because of extreme political polling. 

In a republic the people are suppose to choose leaders that will lead and educate the general public on what is in the best interest of the nation and its long term survival. But today it is just the opposite; we have politicians using extreme political polling to pander to the whims and special interest of the general public. 

Even worse, we no longer have a free press standing guard, they are cheer leaders at the socialist parade. A statesman is someone that can only be found in the history books. The thing that the founding fathers feared the most has come to pass, our leadership is chosen from the most flamboyant, smoothest talkers, and those with the best gift of gab and ability to pander to the voters. 

Sorry Benjamin Franklin, Sir, we have lost the great Republic you and the founding fathers left for us to keep and safe guard. What we have now is a mob ruled welfare state out of control. To be enlighten read Freddie L Sirmans Sr. books, it is all there. 

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