Monday, February 24, 2014

Well it’s done, there is no doubt left, the shallow minded liberals has placed the comfort of the welfare state above national security. The choice is no surprise to me. We will soon be like Western Europe, which lacks the military ability to even transport troops to the battle field. 

If these liberals keep power, given enough time the USA will be taken over without a bullet being fired. To me it is simple, once the “New deal” programs seized the social and family provider role for itself from the traditional nuclear family head of household the die was cast. 

Now, around eighty years later we are fast running out of enough people with the judgment and common sense to remain a free people. We must repeal the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law to kick the welfare state out of its all powerful family provider role. 

It is our last hope; otherwise we will soon be at each others throat to the point that the people will be demanding the iron fist. Like all great nations we are allowing ourselves to be destroyed from within. 

The reason you can’t survive on the minimum wage is because you have a forced minimum wage in the first place. If you didn’t have a forced minimum wage law, out of sight consumer inflation couldn’t exist and $5.00 would buy a weeks worth of grocery. Plus, there would be enough jobs for all. 

The shallow minded liberals has certainly screwed up this great nation. And if you disagree, guess who held on to the U.S. house of Representative for 40 consecutive years. Also, guess who controls the mass media, education, and almost every institution in America today? 

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