Thursday, February 27, 2014

Folks, I’m a self-made writer and sometimes I wonder why I keep writing. I do comment on something’s I have no business butting in on. But, thank God I can still comment without disappearing in the middle of the night, at least for the time being.

A proposed alternative heath care plan by the republicans: Stupid, stupid, stupid, here we go again. Just like I think Romney had his election won, all he had to do was lock down on two or three things. Things that republicans never lose on, but no, he just like McCain and Dole tried to out pander the liberals and Dem’s. 

All he had to do was stay on “Lower taxes, more jobs, and strong national defense,” instead of being all over the place pandering and appealing to those that will never vote for a republican in a million years. If he had stayed with the said three things he would have gotten the three million republican votes that stayed at home. 

Now, I hear about some supposedly conservative plan to present an alternative health care plan to Obamacare. Dumb, dumb, dumb, how dumb can one get. That would be a toss up to a gleeful socialist press and they would hit it out of the park. 

They would focus on it like a laser and drumbeat on how bad it is. All you would hear from them is this is what you can expect from them mean old republicans. What is going to win the 2014 election is future expectations and right now anything is better than more Obamacare. 

So, the dumbest thing conservative can do is present a target, good or bad. Never forget, the mass media is socialist and not free and objective anymore. All they need is a real target then one way or another they will make it bad. And that will be the only future expectation as far as the media is concerned. My advice to conservatives, if you have a plan shut the hell up about it until you have the power to install it, in this hostile climate.  


Starting with the “New deal” the liberals seize control of this great country and it’s been down hill for them ever since. How they did it, they took the tax payers money and bought vote by handing out goodies, and is still doing it. 

It allowed them to gain and keep power, sure, the republicans slip in occasionally but liberals control this great country. Look at our food supply, there are too few people raising and growing food in the USA. That comes from having a evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law. 

That is wage control and any wage control won’t let wages seek its own level in our free market place economy. Having a minimum wage law guarantees that the USA economy can’t be saved no matter what is done. You can enact any law, make any tax change, still, nothing can save the USA economy as long as we have a minimum wage law in place. 

The reason is a free market must have some means of balancing itself and a minimum wage law prevents that. The reason the prices of everything you buy is so high is because government subsides prices by giving out tax payer’s money on an individual basis. 

That-a-work until the whole thing spiral out of control which won’t be very long, now. A minimum wage law is like closing off the pop off valve on your hot water heater, then if it over heats, there is no way to bleed off all of the pressure in an emergency. 

That means it’s gonna blow and almost nothing will be saved. That is the condition of the USA economy, it is fixing to blow us all the way back to the Stone Age. And the sad part is it is all due to ignorance and stupidity. 

Repealing the minimum wage law would bleed off the pressure and the USA would survive with only a miserable rebirth taking place, instead of ceasing to exist. Cry me a river, and the beat goes on. 


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