Thursday, February 6, 2014


There is an old saying, those that lives on hope dies fasting. The great republic that Benjamin Franklin and others founding fathers left us no longer exist due to insane liberal policy. The most stupid and insane of all is not having an official national language. 

That is kindergarten wisdom type of thinking, it is sheer ignorance, down the road there is no way in hell we can keep this great nation as one being bi-language. With all of our different races, religions, and other factors, only one unifying language can keep the USA intact.  

Yet, where there is no real national violent or disunity problem we freely toss lasting unity out the window by installing another language, all because new deal liberal policy has corrupted our culture. 

Before the “New deal” the people would have been up in arms over something so dumb and stupid, down the road even an idiot knows only one national language will keep the USA from splitting apart. When the British made English the official national language of India even the Indians themselves said it was a good thing. 

Yet, here we are in the USA voluntary doing something dumb and stupid like this that is guaranteed to cause mass violence and disruption down the road, unbelievable. It’s over folks; we have already lost this great country due to liberal policy.

Today, we are not only reaping the economically seed sown by the liberal new deal programs, we are also reaping the almost total destruction of our culture. And the saddest of all is how so many young minds of the very young are being twisted with anti-survival hogwash on TV. 

It is so much harder for young minds to know the different from what is real and normal than it is for adults; the very young see hogwash as the way life is and should be. In my opinion we have lost this great nation, the great USA. 

Can we take it back; sure, it’s simple, just repeal the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law and stop government from giving out money on an individual basis. I have been saying that for years, but political no one wants to hear that. 

Believe it or not, but it is just that simple; otherwise soon the country will be sold off to foreigners because of $17,000,000,000,000,000,000 in debt. how sad.

I have been called extreme and the odd man out. But, the gospel truth of the matter is I am really the wise and sane one in terms of raw long term survival. The moral decay and culture rot that the USA has today has been the last stage throughout history before a civilization experiences total doom. 

I believe if you spare the rod you spoil the child. Some people think that is being mean and uncaring to a child. I think it is just the opposite because when done properly paddling instills the strongest conscience in a child. But, the truth of the matter is there is no single best way to raise a child. 

I believe physical disciplined instills a stronger conscience and a better sense of self-restraint in a child. I believe a lack of self-restraint is why African American men commit crimes far out of proportion for their number. "
A stitch in time will save nine," or a lick on the behind in time will keep a kid out of prison way past age nine plus nine.

After the “New deal” the welfare state kicked the poor Black man out of the home. I think that act have caused most black youths to grow up with very little self-restraint, and with each succeeding generation the problem has grown worse. 

Sure, some single Black moms can take care of business on that behind, but most can’t or won’t.    


I don’t care how many books one reads or how much education one has; genuine deep wisdom comes only through physical or emotional hardship and struggle. Still, hardship and struggle won’t make everyone a Sage or saint, some people just naturally goes against the grain and will become even bitterer. 

It is just not possible for most people to understand my thinking; they haven’t paid the price that is why I can only thank God for the way he made me. It may not show but super achievers are almost always searching for love, approval, or to be accepted in some way. 

Those feeling loved and contented tend to stay on course as just ordinary achievers. Please don’t get it twisted; I still think ones first priority in life is to get the best education possibly. 

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