Friday, May 2, 2014

The minimum wage debate is a main reason why the founding fathers made the USA a republic form of government. Ninety five percent of the American people are in favor of raising the minimum wage. 

I believe there should never have been a forced evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law in the first place. And the only way to save the USA from total destruction is to repeal the minimum wage law we have now entirely. The ninety five percent supporters see the minimum wage only in terms of making more money at work, and a few see it in terms of costing jobs. 

However, as a deep great thinker, in my view that hardly touches the surface as to the effect of a minimum wage law. The “Minimum wage law” of 1938 was one of the last “New deal” programs put in place. 

Next to the government seizing the family provider role for itself I think forcing a minimum wage law on a free market place economy is the most dumb and destructive thing there is. Sure, the effect is not instantly but it is a poison pill like cancer that slowly eats away the inner fabric of a nation until there is nothing is left. 

Look at the USA today we are practically just a shell. Our culture has been ripped to threads, our morals and spiritual values are up-side-down, and we have almost no emergency fall back bartering capacity in case our currency collapses. And the really sad, sad part is ninety five percent of the population thinks I’m stupid or some kind of nut case. 

That’s a judgment call, and having a minimum wage law in the first place have damaged our judgment like almost everything else.  A true free market place economy has never failed to produce an over abundance of jobs, food, or what ever is needed. 

But, the powers that be has never liked a true free market place economy simply because if you don’t produce you don’t survive no matter who you know or b… And the real secret to the success of a free market place even though few realize it is its discipline. 

Authoritarian type governments keep moral and culture rot from getting out of control by brute force, but, in a free nation the only way to keep moral decay and culture rot from getting out of control is through a highly disciplined true free market place. Free countries think they are too civilized to flog law breakers or give other harsh death sentences. 

I will end by saying: Enacting a evil socialist minimum wage law takes the discipline out of a free market place economy, thereby giving a free country a death sentence.  We are now reaping the harvest planted from the "New deal" seeds. I rest my case. (Click here to understand slave blood killings)
SIRMANS LOG: 02 MAY 2014, 1540 HOURS

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